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Chronos Clock Version 5

**New Version 5.01 Released**

Award winning International Time & Alarm System

  • Fully compatible with the latest Windows releases.
  • Easily displays multiple clocks with date and times in your selected time zones using a variety of styles and formats.
  • Enhanced Alarm system linked to individual clocks or your PC's local time.
  • Vast range of alarm alerts available, everything from speech to email/sms alerts.
  • By Popular request, the Microsoft Agent now works with Windows 7/8 (free download of additional software required).

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Mail Snoop Pro

Mail Snoop Pro Version 3

 Exterminates unwanted spam from your mailboxes

  • Multiple filter types swiftly scan all parts of your email.
  • Works with most ISP's who use Pop3/IMAP/SMTP mail protocols.
  • Fully compatible with the latest Windows releases.
  • Runs silently in the background, alerting you to new spam free mail.
  • Default filter rules provide immediate protection, with regular online updates.

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ID_Bank Version 1.35

Secure Password Storage

  •  Never again worry about remembering ID information or searching for bits of paper scribbled with vital passwords
  • Your data is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard  128 bit encryption algorithm.
  • Quick access to the Password Popup Box available on demand.
  • Fully compatible with the latest Windows releases.




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Webcam Control Center

Managing webcams for uploading to web servers or just plain fun, has never been so easy !